Spectrum Landscape – 188742


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Away from frenetic city life lies Lake Tahoe, a tranquil paradise where you’ll also find the Marcus Ashley Gallery. The art showroom displays an envious collection of contemporary and fine art, including Maya Eventov art. Her work is filled with emotion, detail, and color that translates her love for life and joie de vivre. Eventov is drawn to natural elements that hold delicate beauty and charm, and her oeuvre of exquisite paintings will take your breath away.

Spectrum Landscape – 188742 is a fantastical reimagination of birch trees, a common sight in Russia where Eventov grew up. Birch trees possess a raw beauty and unyielding strength, qualities the artist captures beautifully in this rendition. Their unusual texture is recreated through layers of dried paint, carefully chipped away with a palette knife. The effect is a true-to-life representation of the towering birch trees in her hometown. Eventov completes the painting with a scattering of vibrant blossoms, a spotless blue sky, and sparkling waters.

The artist’s paintings hold a rich emotional value that permeates a room effortlessly. Interested buyers will find that Spectrum Landscape – 188742 evokes feelings of comfort, happiness, and contentment.