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Outdoor fanatics and nature lovers will be awestruck by Lake Tahoe’s sheer beauty and hidden gems. This picturesque Californian destination is as famous for its majestic Sierra Nevada mountains as for its warm and friendly populace. Locals and tourists love the energy and charm of Lake Tahoe’s community, entertainment hub, and nightlife. Be sure to come by the Marcus Ashley Gallery after an exciting day to view and buy Maya Eventov art in addition to the work of other celebrated artists. The Russian artist is deeply passionate about her craft, often expressing her free-spirited nature through her work.

Birch tree colonies are a common sight in Russia and hold a special place in Eventov’s heart. They surround the property of her grandparents’ cottage and can be found in Canada too. Looking Up 188263 demonstrates a ground view of the beloved birch trees. The trees appear to gather closely in a tight-knit circle towering overhead in a protective stance.

To recreate the trees’ texture, Eventov deposits chunks of paint on the canvas before chiseling away the layers with a knife. The composition makes one want to reach up and touch the trees. Take Looking Up 188263 home to enjoy the magic and emotive value of this stunning piece.