Floral Spectrum – 188770


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There’s no place quite like the Marcus Ashley Gallery in Lake Tahoe. Visitors love the energy and inviting atmosphere of this colossal art exhibition space. The staff and art consultants at the gallery are well-versed with the Maya Eventov art on display. Eventov is a virtuoso of post-impressionist art with an avant-garde flair. As you learn more about the artist and her work, your appreciation for her talent will only deepen.

The artist recalls how as an art student in Russia, it wasn’t uncommon to use subdued hues of gray and blue in a painting. The practice was symbolic of her country’s oppressed status while still under Soviet reign. It wasn’t until she moved to Canada that she felt free to experiment with vivid, bold colors.

Floral Spectrum – 188770 is unlike other paintings by Eventov. Not one to shy away from painting with bright colors, the artist downplays tonal intensities in this piece. She was taught to find subtle color variations in white objects and explore the possibilities of muted compositions. Shades of ivory take center stage with a silent riot of peripheral colors. Floral Spectrum – 188770 is a revelatory piece highlighting Eventov’s ability to push the boundaries of her creativity.