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Lake Tahoe boasts an envious landscape of evergreen trees, sparkling waters, white sandy beaches, and cliff-facing views. It’s why this Sierra Nevada region is a frequent haunt for travelers from far and near. The Marcus Ashley Gallery invites visitors to step into a world where beauty, emotive storytelling, and imaginative subjects come to life. The Maya Eventov art is part of the gallery’s growing repertoire of fine art, a stellar collection of original paintings that capture the magic of nature’s wonders.

In Floral Hydrangea 188709, the artist paints a summery composition bursting with rainbow-hued blooms you can almost smell. Paint smears of forest green, fiery amber, soothing blue, and lively purple occupy the canvas. The artist reaches for pure pigments, blended perfectly with palette knives of different sizes to create depth, detail, and texture. As if freshly plucked from a garden, the bouquet of pretty flowers shimmers with a life of its own. Eventov finishes her paintings with layers of varnish that lend a ‘wet paint’ effect to the piece.

Floral Hydrangea 188709 pairs beautifully with other works by the artist. Place it alongside Eventov’s floral-inspired masterpieces to create a strong aesthetic in any room.