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Experience the beauty of art under one roof at the Marcus Ashley Gallery. Thanks to its generous 4400 sq. ft. interiors, the exhibition space is often mistaken for a museum. There are plenty of commendable collections here to explore at leisure, particularly the Maya Eventov art. The artist works out of her home in Ontario, Canada, where she lives with her family.

Eventov’s work is a smorgasbord of bold and gossamer pastel hues that pulsate with life. Rich textures, exquisite light work, and expressive paint strokes create an inviting imaginative world. It’s easy to see why her work has enthralled audiences from across the globe. Floral 188403 will give you a strong urge to reach out and touch the painting. Eventov slathers and blends dense layers of paint, creating textural depth and dimension with every stroke. She relies on her intuition to translate her ideas to the canvas. Notice how the palette knife strokes transition across the painting, unraveling spontaneous details.

As your eyes canvas Floral 188403, you’ll see hints of a brilliant blue sky through the thicket of blooms. The artist draws inspiration from the places she travels to, especially the calming tones of the Mediterranean.