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The Marcus Ashley Gallery is home to Maya Eventov art, a collection of ethereal paintings highlighting the artist’s extraordinary craftsmanship. Eventov’s work will effortlessly transpose your senses to a surreal yet familiar place. She recalls how her teachers usually emphasized the technical aspects of painting when she was an art student in Russia. After the ‘iron curtain’ was lifted, she was free to explore her creativity. Moving to Ontario, Canada, with her family made a huge and positive impact on her artistic career. However, the Russian artist fondly remembers her childhood, memories of which can be found in some of her work.

Floral 188380 is an original Eventov painting that invites several minutes of quiet contemplation. A distinct sense of unbridled joy emerges from the delicate yet energetic strokes of her palette knife. Soft and bold hues permeate the canvas, creating a balance of light effects and textural brilliance.

Eventov allows the painting to reveal itself without rushing the process. She believes in stepping away from her work frequently, gathering her thoughts, and letting the painting guide her instead. The result is a breathtaking unity of color, form, and texture. Floral 188380 is a true masterpiece that deserves applause.