189427 – Floral Hydrangea


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The Marcus Ashley Gallery is proud to curate the Maya Eventov art collection. Private collectors from the US, Canada, Russia, and Europe are big fans of Eventov’s work. Her impressive oeuvre celebrates color, life, and the depth of human expression. After leaving Soviet Russia for Canada in the early 1990s, Eventov tasted the sweetness of artistic freedom. She discovered the joy of painting from a happy place, an approach evident in her expressive works of art.

Visitors will be awestruck by Eventov’s captivating pieces at the gallery, including Floral Hydrangea. A strong post-impressionism art influence is evident in her work. Eventov expertly uses a palette knife to deposit rich acrylic paint across the canvas. Saturated hues of ochre, vermillion, magenta, and lilac bring her abstract blooms to life. Mediterranean-inspired blues fill the vase, creating a lovely contrast against the hydrangeas. The artist uses loose paint strokes and heavy textures to recreate the flowers in all their glory.

Like all of Eventov’s work, this piece evokes feelings of peace, quiet, and stillness. Floral Hydrangea will add a soothing vibe to any room it is placed in. Interested buyers can explore more of the artist’s work at the gallery in Lake Tahoe.