Heartbreak Cure


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The Marcus Ashley Gallery is located in the stunning and serene Sierra Nevada region. Collectors, visitors, and artists from around the country and globe visit the gallery to admire the eclectic works on display, including the Markus Pierson art. The artist recalls how he created his initial pieces in a rundown apartment in Jackson, Michigan. Every drawing kept the fire of hope alive within him until his Coyote Series took off.

Pierson’s paintings are a composition of emotions, thoughts, and a unique perspective. Heartbreak Cure reveals a lone coyote listening to music over a glass of red wine. Large lettering at the top reads Cessare Crepacuore or ‘To stop heartbreak’. On the bottom, the words read, ‘Tangled up in blue? Unravel the mangled tangle of your ticker’s spangle in music, that place where all beats regain their rhythm.’ Pierson admits he comes up with the prose himself, injecting poetic flair into his body of work.

The painting features mixed media on a recessed canvas, adding dimension and depth to the artwork. Love, loss, and pain will engulf you as you gaze at this piece. But Heartbreak Cure will leave you feeling reassured that just as day turns into night, so will the burden of pain turn into joy.