Weary of Time


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“My paintings are a reflection of my visions and dreams of beautiful scenery.” – Mario Jung


The eye-catching and eclectic Mario Jung art is on display at the Marcus Ashley Gallery, where tourists, private collectors, and art lovers are welcome to peruse the collections at length. Jung’s work is highly praised for its remarkable depth, rich textures, and flawless execution. Inspired by his visions during his recovery from a near-fatal accident, the artist paints stunning landscapes with gusto and renewed passion.


Weary of Time captures Jung’s signature painting style—layers of one-inch thick paint that create a tapestry of mesmerizing textures. In this piece, a tree with soft canary yellow blooms stands tall amidst a sea of vibrant red roses. The well-manicured garden winds and stretches into the distance against a spotless blue sky. Jung’s paintings immortalize the beauty of the changing seasons, allowing viewers to enjoy the energy and beauty of his work.


To create Weary of Time, the artist relied on cake-decorating nozzles and other kitchen tools to achieve the desired effect. Jung experiments with whimsical tools besides traditional brushes to create a composition of balance, perspective, and value. Weary of Time introduces a welcoming atmosphere and unique aesthetic to any room it is mounted in.