We Found Wonderland


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Visitors will be awestruck by the Mario Jung paintings on display at the Marcus Ashley Gallery. Jung marries the delicate nature of Korean art with the dramatic impasto influence. He introduces clean lines with several layers of paint, applied gradually to build texture and dimension. Colors are applied straight out of the tube to maintain a composition of saturated hues. Collectors who fancy whimsical themes with a classic realism atmosphere will enjoy Mario Jung’s works of art.

We Found Wonderland portrays an imaginative landscape doused with depth and textural definition. A single tree with crimson blooms commands the canvas with its exquisite beauty. Varying textural layers of paint rise and settle across the canvas, leaving behind a brilliant tactile finish. Jung switches between a paintbrush and unconventional tools to create a cohesive composition of balance, form, and perspective. His work invites viewers to dive into a fantastical dreamscape and let our imaginations run wild and free.

We Found Wonderland will add an uplifting aesthetic to any room it is placed in and will look perfect in a modern, chic, or grand space with plenty of natural light. Interested buyers can use the gallery’s worldwide shipping service to bring home a piece of Jung’s work that speaks to them.