Sunshine and Rainbows


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“I long for my artistic talents to take flight.” – Mario Jung

Tucked at the heart of Lake Tahoe in Heavenly Village is the premier Marcus Ashley Gallery. Art enthusiasts and collectors will be thrilled to explore the Mario Jung paintings on display. The artist is best known for his work on realism, which often includes colorful landscape paintings. Jung combines sculptural techniques with a two-dimensional approach that brings his art to life.

In Sunshine and Rainbows, the artist paints an impressive tree in full bloom towering over a bed of sunflowers. In the distance, a breathtaking carpet of flowers fills the landscape in pops of deep red, azure, and aubergine. The artist introduces a surreal blend of texture and color to animate the elements of the painting, relying on thick brushstrokes and smears to create rich textures that elevate the composition.

One cannot help but feel the joy and peace that this painting exudes. Like many of his works, Sunshine and Rainbows harmonizes delicate, expressive brushwork. Jung’s work is as inspiring as his journey to becoming a professional artist, and this painting is a testament to his stellar artistic approach and refreshing perspective.

Sunshine and Rainbows will add a lovely warmth and energy to any room.