Star Light Star Bright


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The Marcus Ashley Gallery is proud to be associated with the brightest and most talented folks in the art world. We’re deeply committed to building a strong community of artists from California and around the world. Visitors can peruse an eclectic range of influences by upcoming and established talent. Lay your eyes on some of the finest works of art by artists like Dave Archer, Mario Jung, 2Wild, and Michelangelo. Mario Jung paintings imbue the gallery’s walkways with unmistakable energy, life, and beauty. The artist’s work covers emotive themes such as hope, new life, and perpetual renewal.

Star Light Star Bright captures the rebirth of a tree, its young leaves slowly unraveling in the moonlight. The tree’s foliage catches the light beautifully, twinkling like the stars that dot the vast midnight blue sky. Jung’s painting hums with a calming energy that brings every little detail to life. Saturated hues and delicate textures spring forward as natural and ambient light coalesce. Notice how Jung paints discreet lighting in the grass that projects a soft glow onto the tree.

The artist’s perception of light and darkness is a remarkable sight to see. Star Light Star Bright is a sweet reminder never to stop wishing or hoping.