Shades of Grace


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As you stroll through the spacious walkways of the Marcus Ashley Gallery, you’ll come across the awe-inspiring Mario Jung paintings. The artist’s colorful landscape paintings impart a distinct atmosphere of serenity and line the walls of condos, estates, and homestays of avid collectors of fine art. Jung’s sensational craftsmanship breathes life into dreamy vistas of faraway lands. He leans on his uncanny perceptivity to create a balanced composition worth applause.

In Shades of Grace, pretty perennials of sage and lavender surround the base of a magical tree. Thick blotches of paint create a stunning cluster of white blossoms that rise from the painting. Jung relies on kitchen tools such as cake-decorating nozzles to deposit dense layers of paint on the canvas. He relies on technically precise yet free-flowing painting techniques to recreate this garden of Eden.

Jung’s signature elements, such as clear blue skies, well-trimmed bushes, and lush trees, make their way into this piece. Every detail, as always, comes together with finesse like a symphony. The artist shows us that life can be beautiful if we’re willing to open our eyes and hearts to new possibilities. Shades of Grace is a powerful piece that imbues Jung’s themes of hope, joy, and new beginnings.