Scent of the Earth


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“I work exclusively with oil. I paint layer by layer to create a dimensional piece.” – Mario Jung

The Marcus Ashley Gallery is an exquisite space with an enviable art collection, including the Mario Jung paintings. The artist’s nature-themed work is easily recognizable through his use of color and texture. Many of his colorful landscape paintings are based on visions he had while recovering from a terrible accident. These visions helped Jung recover miraculously and encouraged him to create deeply inspiring works of art.

The artist often relies on the impasto technique of applying thick paint to create visible texture. Jung sometimes uses unconventional tools such as cake-decorating nozzles and kitchen utensils to accomplish surreal results.

Scent of the Earth reveals an impressive tree in full bloom surrounded by lavender flower beds. This slice of utopia brims with a spring palette from bright purples to pristine whites and deep jades to rich corals, and the varied tones of this painting complement each other beautifully.

Jung animates this painting with life and color in a way that consumes the senses. You will almost feel like you’re floating past the rows of lavenders while breathing in their delicate scent. Scent of the Earth is an impressive painting to add to one’s growing collection of the artist’s work.