Nature’s Hideaway


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“After an accident left me paralyzed, I almost gave up, until I had a spiritual dream that renewed my strength and my will to live.” – Mario Jung


The Marcus Ashley Gallery fosters strong ties with a community of art connoisseurs, artists, and collectors worldwide. All are welcome to experience the beauty and breathtaking power of creativity under one roof. Viewers will be awed by the Mario Jung art on display at the gallery. The artist’s paintings capture scenes frozen in time where nature’s bounty is forever thriving.


The artist relies on a two-dimensional painting style called ‘impasto’ that creates a masterful play of light and shadows. Through Jung’s work, a trained eye will notice the delicate execution and balance of Korean art.


In Nature’s Hideaway, Jung fills the canvas with a breathtaking assortment of flowers, trees, and distant mountain vistas. This exquisite painting will give viewers a distinct sense of comfort and joy. Art appreciators will love how the piece mimics a heavenly abode of silence, stillness, and beauty.


Jung’s art introduces residential and commercial spaces with paintings that project hope, renewal, and beauty. Nature’s Hideaway is just the kind of painting one would love to view in a hotel, living room, restaurant, waiting room, or boutique.