Guiding Light


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“I am a very shy and private person. I enjoy my time in my studio doing what I love.” – Mario Jung

The colorful landscape paintings of Mario Jung draw many art aficionados to the Marcus Ashley Gallery. These photorealistic impressionist pieces brighten any plain and monochromatic wall with their jubilant colors. Owners of luxury resorts and five-star hotels choose them for the quiet elegance they imbue to their spaces.

At the Seoul Artists Association’s Exhibition of Fine Art in 1986, Jung won the Grand Prize in the Western Art category. His talent has since evolved into a versatility that ranges from classic and realistic to impressionistic impastos. The signature heavy textures that established him in the international art scene are still present in his current works, such as Guiding Light. This dramatic rendition of a natural scenery features Jung’s trademark towering tree standing by the roadside amidst a field of flowers in a profusion of colors and vivid tints.

Guiding Light is a statement piece worthy of Jung’s growing reputation and global fanbase. With its timeless theme, it can be considered an heirloom material that collectors can preserve for posterity.