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Take a trip to Lake Tahoe and reconnect with nature in a location that radiates beauty and charm. Lush sloping valleys, snow-tipped mountain peaks, pristine beaches, and turquoise waters are just some of Lake Tahoe’s best features. This Californian region has its share of hidden gems, one of which is the Marcus Ashley Gallery. The exhibition space is home to Mario Jung paintings, created with the intriguing impasto technique. The artist relies on cake-decorating nozzles and other kitchen tools to create mesmerizing textures and depth. Mario Jung’s paintings are a testament to his extraordinary eye for detail and unique craftsmanship.

Like a scene out of a dream, Garden Glow reveals a breathtaking botanical garden of sunflowers, rose bushes, and poppies. A tree of white blooms commands the canvas with its heavily textured petals and bark. The artist deposits layers of oil paint in tight, dense swirls to create a three-dimensional effect. He introduces a muted palette amidst a parade of bright colors, drawing attention to the tree’s purity. A sense of calm and peace emanates from this visually stunning piece.

This painting inspires us to embrace our individuality, beauty, and strength. Hang Garden Glow alongside other works by Jung to create a spectacular display of his work.