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California is a culturally diverse destination with an eclectic array of art spaces that offer a unique experience to visitors. But unlike traditional art showrooms, the Marcus Ashley Gallery in Lake Tahoe creates a delightful sensory experience. Set amidst a breathtaking backdrop of the Sierra Nevada mountains, memorable experiences unfold before visitors even set foot inside the gallery. Art appreciators will find a commendable selection of contemporary and fine art to explore here, including Mario Jung paintings, a collection of surreal impasto works of art on display at the gallery.

Mario Jung is a California-based artist who often looks to his vineyards for inspiration. After miraculously recovering from a terrible accident, the artist resumed painting with renewed hope and purpose. Several pieces by Jung are recreations of spiritual visions he saw during his recovery. In Folklore, rows of blooms run neatly between a network of towering trees. Nature awakes from a deep slumber as the beauty of spring punctuates the atmosphere. Splotches of thick paint create a patchwork of fascinating textures that rise against the canvas. The blooms recede beautifully into the misty background as Jung creates the illusion of depth and dimension.

Folklore is a stunning piece that will invite several moments of contemplation and self-reflection.