Blooming in Nature


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Dimensions 40 × 30 in



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“I work exclusively with oil. I paint layer by layer to create a dimensional piece.” – Mario Jung

Mario Jung paintings depict various natural sceneries with vibrantly colored flowers, trees, and skies as the focal point. These elements are invariably accompanied by other striking features of nature such as lakes, bushes, stars, rich soil, and mountains. Each one is illustrated in astounding realistic details. For those interested in the artist, his work can be found at the Marcus Ashley Fine Art Gallery.

Blooming in Nature is a panoramic landscape that depicts a field of delphiniums and blue hyacinths in full bloom by a lake flanked by firs and set against a snow-capped mountain range and harkens back to the artist’s place of origin. Called the Land of the Morning Calm, South Korea is known for its spectacular mountains, crystal waters, and peaceful daybreaks. The sky gradually changes from light to dark blue, complementing and reflecting the hues below. Jung’s signature rich textures, impassioned brushwork, and impeccable details are the thumbprints that set his work apart from other artists.