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This piece may be used as a base for a glass top table.


Dimensions 24 in

60 Species of wood




These are handmade one of a kind pieces that were created using a technique called Segmented Woodturning


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In mathematical terms, this is a Stellated Dodecahedron. It hardly qualifies as a turning; only the small redwood spheres are turned. There are 60 triangular windows, each displaying a different species of wood. The framework is walnut. The little white dots display a number that identifies each wood on a reference sheet. I won’t bore you with the listing. There are sixty-two different species of wood. The windows are numbered and referred to a reference sheet. It could be used to support a glass top.

Wood Types used to create this piece:

1 African Blackwood Tanzania
2 African Olive Africa
3 Aniegre Africa
4 Bamboo Japan
5 Basswood USA
6 Birdseye Maple USA
7 Black Palm Malaysia
8 Bloodwood South America
9 Bocote Central America
10 Bolivian Rosewood Bolivia
11 Brazilian Ebony Central America
12 Bubinga Africa
13 Canarywood South America
14 Chakte Coc Mexico
15 Che Chen Mexico
16 Concalo Alves Brazil
17 Ebiara Africa
18 Gabon Ebony Africa
19 Granadillo Mexico
20 Holly USA
21 Honduran Rosewood Honduras
22 Honey Locust North America
23 Indian Rosewood India
24 Ipe South America
25 Iroko Africa
26 Jarrah Australia
27 Jatoba Central America
28 Kingwood Brazil
29 Koa Hawaii
30 Lacewood Australia
31 Leopardwood Brazil
32 Macassar Ebony SE Asia
33 Madagascar Rosewood Madagascar
34 Makore Africa
35 Mango Hawaii
36 Mayan Walnut Mexico
37 Merbau Western Pacific
38 Mesquite Angetina
39 Osage Orange USA
40 Parota Mexico
41 Pau Ferro Boliva
42 Pau Rosa Mozambique
43 Pear Europe
44 Pernambuco Brazil
45 Pink Ivory Africa
46 Purpleheart Brazil
47 Red Palm Malaysia
48 Redheart Central America
49 Sapele Africa
50 Satinwood Brazil
51 Sucupira South America
52 Sweetgum USA
53 Sycamore England
54 Tulipwood Brazil
55 Verawood Venezuela
56 Wenge Africa
57 White Lima Africa
58 Yellowheart South America
59 Zebrawood Africa
60 Ziricote Central America
Frame Peruvian Walnut Peru
White dots Carob California
Spheres Redwood California