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March 2012

“I enjoy working in stainless steel because I love the finish, it really excites me. There is nowhere to hide; the finish has to be absolutely perfect. It feels like you can see the whole world in it” – Mackenzie Thorpe

In this Mackenzie Thorpe limited edition sculpture for sale, a single figure pulls a huge heart behind him while traversing a dense forest. He is just coming over the top of a hill and is surrounded on every side by a thicket of tall trees. The figure is depicted in Thorpe’s signature style, with a hooded duffle coat and big, sturdy shoes. He has no face as he is meant to represent everyone, regardless of race, age, gender, or background.

Thorpe believes that life is a journey with many challenges along the way. We know when we are born, someone tells us the date and the time, but what we do not know is the end. There are ups and downs, good times and bad times, just like the hill that the central figure in this artwork must climb. Thorpe believes that it is our job to keep the world going for the next generation and to always bring love on the journey.

The trees in this piece are a metaphor. Thorpe wants to communicate that we must push through, even when the trees turn into prison bars and it seems that we can’t continue. The figure feels trapped and is looking for a way out. Sometimes the best choice is the hardest one, to continue to push through when you don’t know where you are headed. We could cut down all the trees and smash through the forest or we could realize that the wood could be utilized in a new way. It could give us a house, build us a fire to keep us warm, give us fruit and life to carry on with our journey. The trees are strong and Thorpe wanted them to represent his family members. He firmly believes that the two most important things in life are love and family; They are all that we need and can get us through anything.

The reflective stainless steel material allows the viewers to literally see themselves in the piece. Thorpe likes to create artwork with a participatory factor, so the viewers can picture themselves in a situation like the figure in the artwork. They can think back to a time where they had to continue onwards even though it seemed difficult or impossible, where challenges popped up on every side.

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