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“We had moved from London and found ourselves surrounded by some of the most beautiful landscapes you could ever imagine, giant skies, fast running rivers, waterfalls, castles and sheep. I was totally overwhelmed and inspired to draw and capture all that was around me.” -Mackenzie Thorpe

In this Mackenzie Thorpe original artwork for sale, a tiny boat battles a tumultuous pastel sea as the moon shines brightly overhead. A single, childlike figure, drawn in Thorpe’s signature style, navigates the stormy waters in his boat. He’s wearing the dark hooded duffle coat that is instantly recognizable in Thorpe’s artwork. He is also drawn without any distinguishable characteristics as he is meant to represent any and every child, regardless of race, gender, or upbringings. The waves crash in every direction as the child seems to be stuck right in the middle of the storm. He is carrying a giant red heart that nearly fills the entire boat. A small spotted dog sits on the edge as if he is protecting the child and the heart. High above the central figures, the moon lights the way for them. Although they are on a difficult journey, the child and the dog have each other and their love to get them through it. Thorpe wants to remind us that we can get through any difficult situation if we have hope and spread love.

Mackenzie Thorpe paints from his own experience, often utilizing landscapes that are both local and personal to him. He was born in the industrial town of Middlesbrough, England in 1956 and draws significant inspiration from the Yorkshire countryside, located near the North Sea. This image may be inspired from his time spent walking along the shores.

This artwork is an excellent example of Thorpe’s artistic talents as his work is honest and immediate. He uses his hands and fingers as an extension of the pastels to expertly blend the subtle colors in the ocean waves and the clouds in the night sky. He draws exactly how he is feeling in the moment, capturing the essence of our human existence. The clouds seem to part and the light from the moon shines through, suggesting that the worst of our struggles are behind us. The artwork has an overall sense of hope as the figures will get through the storm and come out just fine on the other end.

This stunning Mackenzie Thorpe original artwork is available for sale at Marcus Ashley Gallery in South Lake Tahoe. Marcus Ashley Gallery is a premier fine art destination, exhibiting 40+ of the world’s most renowned artists of our time and is recognized for its outstanding service, which includes custom framing, private home shows for clients within 60 miles and worldwide shipping.