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“In the shadows, a child sits dreaming. The journey begins and in the darkness the child sees the light and from that light comes hope.” -Mackenzie Thorpe

In this original artwork for sale, Mackenzie Thorpe shows two figures standing together, framed by lush, green foliage, holding a single heart shaped flower. They are staring deep into each other’s eyes as the heart emits a soft glow, lighting up the otherwise dark forest. The two figures are drawn in Thorpe’s iconic style: children with big heads, ear to ear smiles, and simple attire. The taller child is wearing a plain, blue, long sleeve shirt with khaki shorts and the smaller child is wearing a pink dress. Thorpe has two children of his own, a son and a daughter, who may be the inspiration for these two figures.

Thorpe believes in using color to get to a place where he is drawing with feeling and emotion, a childlike place where it is impossible to make mistakes. The ground is scattered with heart shaped flowers, suggesting that children plant love at our feet and continue to nurture it as they grow. The flowers are a clear representation of this idea as they fill the entire artwork with happiness and joy.

Signature to Thorpe’s artistic style, the childrens’ faces are left without color or any distinguishable features. Even though they may have been inspired by Thorpe’s own son and daughter, he wants the viewers to be able to picture themselves or their own children, regardless of race, gender, or background. The children also wear big sturdy shoes, a reminder to stay grounded and humble even if your circumstances in life change. They are meant to represent every child and show a source of hope or light in challenging times. Although they don’t have much, their hearts are filled with love that they are ready to share with the world. Although their journey through the forest may be difficult, they have eachother and their love to help them along the way.

Thorpe’s much-loved pictures are rooted in authenticity, expressing an emotionally tender world and a universal message of hope that connects with people across cultures. This original pastel on paper, along with several other Mackenzie Thorpe artworks, is available for sale at Marcus Ashley Gallery in South Lake Tahoe. Marcus Ashley is a premier fine art destination, exhibiting 40+ of the world’s most renowned artists of our time. With a hundred years of combined experience in the art world, the owners, staff, custom framers, and art consultants all work hard to make their clients’ dreams come true.