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Limited Edition

Print that is signed and numbered by the artist.

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May 2019

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“I draw Middlesbrough through my memories, through the eyes of me as a child and a young man, when men seemed bigger and stronger than giants.” – Mackenzie Thorpe

In this Mackenzie Thorpe limited edition print for sale, two figures are walking together on a dirt and gravel strewn road. The first figure is larger than life and meant to represent the father. He’s wearing a navy blue suit and a plain cap, traditional for a working class man. The younger, smaller figure is his child and he’s wearing a similarly colored, hooded duffle coat.

The father and son are seen carrying an enormous, red heart shaped flower. The father holds the stem, but the child carries the entire heart. He’s standing on the tips of his toes as if he can barely reach. It seems that although the father shares the weight of the heart, it is the child that carries the brunt of it. Perhaps this image is a metaphor for the unique love and bond between a father and son. It is always present, but at times it may feel like the child has more love to give as the father is busy with his work.

The figures are also drawn without faces, as they are meant to represent anyone. Thorpe wants the viewers to picture themselves in the image and reflect on their own loving bonds. The background of this image is a simple pastel peach; It may be an early morning and the father is headed out to work. Thorpe leaves the background ambiguous so that the viewers can use their own imaginations to further relate to the imagery.

Both of the figures are wearing very large, sturdy shoes. Thorpe draws his figures with big feet to symbolize that he never wants to forget where he came from, no matter how different his life may now be. The feet are meant to represent grounding and to not forget your roots. It’s easy for your ego to take over and to become full of yourself. He recognizes that his feet are firmly planted on the ground and that’s where he wants to stay. Thorpe believes that, “It’s important never to become bigger than your shoes.”

Thorpe began working with his own father in the shipyard when he was a teenager. Later in life, his father developed Alzheimer’s and the traditional roles reversed. He found himself taking care of his father in his old age, much like he took care of Thorpe in his childhood. He realized that the special and loving bond was always there, even if they were too busy arguing or making excuses to see it. The relationship and love between a father and son goes on beyond anything else.

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