• From: Arizona, United States
  • Style: Sculpture
  • Media: Copper, Bronze
  • Subject: Aspen Trees, Leaves
  • Art Value:
    Sculptures: $400 and up

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Originally from North Phoenix/ Scottsdale, AZ, Kelly Smith Cassidy (née, Kelly L. Borja Smith) was born in 1979 into a family of fine artists. Her parents, Richard Bell Smith and Blanca Borja Smith started creating welded bronze and copper sculptures in the early 1970’s and are still today creating one-of-a-kind original pieces inspired by nature as well as painting original canvases.

Kelly’s grandparents were pioneer gallery owners in Scottsdale, AZ where they had a gallery in the late 1950’s through the 1970’s. They also owned the first art gallery in the what is now a “fine art destination” of Carefree, AZ. Needless to say, Kelly grew up in art galleries, greeting customers since a young age in any one of her parent’s several galleries growing up. Her fine art schooling was learned through being in close contact with several artists growing up. She watched her parents as well as other artists all her life, paint, sculpt and conduct business in the arts.

While in High School in the mid 1990’s, Kelly decided to pick up the torch and create her own pieces using the same technique as her parents and putting her own flair and style into the pieces. The result is organically inspired sculptures which have been sold from California to Japan. 

Kelly creates her work with recycled copper tubing and bare bronze rods using gas welding equipment to weld, shape and melt the metal into organic forms of sculpture for the wall. Forms such as groves of aspen trees in vivid fall colors and nature-inspired “mandalas” grace the walls of alpine and desert alike. She specializes in creating unique, custom-designed pieces for client’s wall spaces.

Within the almost two decades that Kelly has been creating her artwork, she has also experimented with whimsical interpretations of what she imagines in her mind. Kelly is an artist at heart and uses her time to create and express in every way that she can, including acting and writing. Kelly will plant a tree for each sale of any of her pieces with a portion of the money used to purchase one of her sculptures.