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Jack Storms Tierdrop – Blue Glass Sculpture

This is a blue glass sculpture by Jack Storms. It’s a part of his popular Tierdrop collection, which, interestingly, is the result of complete happenstance. A sculpture from his Aerial collection fell down and lost two of its corners. Jack used this as inspiration to fashion an entirely new piece, which became his first teardrop sculpture.


Stunning Glass Sculptures from a Pioneering Artist

Jack Storms’ art glass is incredibly unique. His sculptures are fashioned on a cold-working lathe of Jack’s own invention. The process itself is fascinating and intensive. A Tierdrop begins with a core of lead crystal, which is repetitively cut, ground, polished, and laminated to create reflective mirrors. This is then encased in layers of optical crystal and dichroic glass. Light refracts through these intricate layers to create an almost hypnotic interplay of rainbow hues. This Blue Tierdrop glass sculpture features a beautiful accent of blue starfire glass.

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