Spherix – Full Core


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Each piece is a unique handcrafted original


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The history of the Full Core Spherix:

The Chroma Spherix was a long envisioned dream. Jack always wanted to craft his crystal cores into orbs, but he never had the means of shaping the glass. Finally Jack has the tools and the discipline to make the Spherix. Using the ever popular Full Core, the Full Core Spherix was born. A repackaged masterpiece that drinks in light and shines like the sun.

Each one of Jack Storms cold glass sculptures starts at the core. The artist then cuts, grinds, polishes and laminates glass together. Storms is known to reference the theory of Fibonacci throughout the creation of all his glass sculptures. He then encases the core into optical crystal and hand sculpts each piece to shape. Each one of his glass sculptures takes anywhere from 1 to 6 months to finish. All are original pieces of fine art created using a cold lathe. There is no heat involved in the process whatsoever. The materials used on each one of Jack Storms’ glass sculptures are 32% optical lead crystal, optical crystal and dichroic glass.