Vendor Series – 172250


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Step into the intriguing world of Harold Braul’s artistry with “Vendor Series – 172250. This original oil on canvas masterpiece invites you to contemplate the essence of human expression, fashion, and urban life in a captivating and thought-provoking way.

In this striking composition, a half-body mannequin stands alone in a window, devoid of any garments. Its form, though inanimate, exudes an almost haunting sense of vulnerability and raw humanity. Braul’s attention to detail is immaculate, capturing the delicate contours and subtle nuances of the mannequin’s silhouette.

The vibrant red background intensifies the visual impact of the piece, drawing your eye towards the central figure. This bold choice of color not only contrasts with the absence of clothing but also evokes a sense of passion, daring, and exposure. The grey sidewalk underlines the urban setting, grounding the composition and anchoring the viewer’s perspective.