Zenith – BF247


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Dimensions 15 × 7.75 × 14 in

Art has the power to transform a space with its pure energy, captivating narratives, and unique compositions. If you’ve been looking for a way to spice up a space with character and depth, then head to the Marcus Ashley Gallery to view the Frogman art on display.


The sculptor spent his childhood exploring aquatic life in the babbling streams of his hometown, and he often draws on these memories for inspiration while working on his craft. The different characters that his frog-inspired work portray often leave viewers amazed. Zenith was released to mark Frogman’s long-standing association with the gallery.


The mottled frog remains animated in action as it prepares to spring from the top of a curved leaf. A bright patina of pomegranate red with black markings diffuses the sculpture with feisty energy. Frogman chooses a deep green patina to coat the leaf that conceals a pair of ladybugs on the underside. After molding the sculpture to perfection, he buffs it to produce a brilliant gleam that catches beautifully in the light. Place Zenith in any corner of a room and watch it effortlessly transform the atmosphere of a place.