Lil Pebbles


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Dimensions 3.75 × 5 × 2.5 in

Travelers who drive, stroll, or hike through Lake Tahoe will discover that its beauty holds no bounds. After a day of outdoor adventure and relaxation, head over to the Marcus Ashley Gallery to deep dive into the world of art. The showroom holds a formidable collection of Frogman art that will leave you spellbound. From birds and geckos to koi fish and frogs, the sculptor’s oeuvre will bring you closer to nature’s inhabitants.


Lil Pebbles hops straight from the pond and into the gallery, where it waits patiently to be scooped up and taken to its new home. This little sculpture comes in an aquamarine patina with acid yellow and brown spotting. Its glistening beady eyes and gold-tipped webbed feet add an interesting dimension to the frog’s form. Lil Pebbles can be placed on a surface or mounted on a wall as a statement piece.


Frogman invites us into his world, where different species of frogs coexist in harmony. For a mini sculpture such as this Frogman classic, the amphibian holds a mighty personality full of zest and fervor. Place Lil Pebbles on a shelf, inside a potted plant, or on a wall to give any room a soothing, vibrant aesthetic.