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Special Edition Frog





Release Date

August 2021

The Marcus Ashley Gallery is a popular haunt for collectors, artists, and acclaimed personalities who visit regularly to acquire exhibits of interest. To view and buy Frogman art, visitors can head over to the prestigious showroom in Lake Tahoe.


Chips celebrates the long-standing relationship between Frogman and the gallery. Many of our art shows featuring Frogman have been magical events. To commemorate these shows and honor our incredible clients, we collaborate with Frogman to produce one-of-kind patinas.


Chips’ large black eyes dart around the area where he is perched in search of companionship. He shifts his weight to the front of his legs, sensing his surroundings. His gold-tipped toes delicately dangle over the murky water. The small freckles draped across his nose become more apparent in the summer light.


Only a few frogs have ever been created in this stunning sunshine yellow variation. This sweet little frog will be a great addition to your collection for its gentle demeanor and charming size. Even the sculpture’s patina will surely brighten up your space! Whether you’re thinking of nestling Chips in a flowerpot or placing it on a windowsill to look over your garden, it’s easy to find a space for this lovely little sculpture.