Chips and Salsa


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2 frogs included



Both frogs are 2" x 2" x 2" (this is a 2 piece set)


Release Date

August 2021

The Marcus Ashley Gallery is proud to be associated with some of the most talented artists in and around California and globally. To celebrate its time-honored connection with “Frogman” Tim Cotterill, the gallery works with the artist to release never-seen-before patinas for sculptures. You’ll find that the sculptor’s frog-inspired collections deserve a place in a chic or quaint home or establishment.


In many cultures frogs are said to bring good luck. Chips (a previously released piece) is joined by Salsa, a handcrafted sculpture that will bring positive energy to any space through its delicate beauty. Can’t decide where Chips and Salsa should go? Our art consultants can help you explore several possibilities! We can digitally move the sculpture into different places around your home to ensure a good fit (or you can show us what you envision for a space).


Salsa comes in a multi-colored tropical patina that complements Chips. In an idyllic setting, the two reside comfortably together on the side of the pond, snacking on singing crickets and passing flies. Neither of the frogs has felt the need to hide when in the safety of the pond’s edge. As Chips and Salsa, these little amphibians make a perfect pair.


Chips and Salsa will collectively consume four inches of space wherever you choose to place it. It is finished in a vivid yellow patina beneath asymmetrical dark spots. This aesthetically pleasing color contrast is a signature detail by Tim “Frogman” Cotterill. The patina is expertly executed for maximum shine, color, and wearability.