Small Fry – BK1


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Dimensions 7.5 × 3 × 3.25 in

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The Marcus Ashley Gallery extends an array of bespoke services to its clients and customers. For those who wish to view art in private, the staff can arrange for an intimate viewing experience within a 60-mile radius from the gallery. Clients can enjoy viewing the works of their favorite artists in the company of friends and family.


Visitors to this brick-and-mortar establishment will enjoy strolling through its airy, bright walkways as they take in the numerous collections on display, including  Frogman art. The gallery prides itself on maintaining a colossal space where visitors can comfortably view its collections. Explore the gallery’s treasure trove of Frogman collectibles that are a joy to browse through.


The sculptor brings yet another koi fish charmer to life in this sculpture titled Small Fry. Created in a bright tangerine patina with subtle shades of brown, this sculpture captures the grace and vitality of the koi fish. Its delicate fins slice through the air as the koi fish sculpture assumes an animated pose. As if taken straight from a pond, the sculpture carries a stark likeness to a real fish.


Frogman’s love for nature’s small creatures can be seen and felt through this fine sculpture. Place Small Fry on a stack of books or on a coffee table to enjoy its tranquil presence.