Mellow Yellow – BK3


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Dimensions 10.5 × 4 × 4 in

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The Marcus Ashley Gallery is a prime location to view and acquire Frogman art. The sculptor’s metalworks are highly sought after by fans from all over the globe and celebrities such as Whoopi Goldberg and Michelle Peiffer. Collectors adore the sculptor’s adaptations of the animals that populate the corners of the planet. From reptiles and amphibians to koi fish and owls, Frogman’s iconic array of sculptures will make a delightful addition to any space.


The artisan’s lovely koi fish collection is perfect for those fond of aquatic collectibles. Mellow Yellow introduces another marine beauty in bright summery yellow. Hints of deep black hues create a lovely contrast against the bright koi fish’s form. Frogman highlights the delicate nature and fluidity of the fish’s pretty fins. As if frozen in time, the koi fish sculpture is molded to mimic the illusion of motion.


The sculptor’s love for underwater life comes through beautifully in Mellow Yellow. Collectors will love how the brightly colored patina catches in the light. No matter where you place this koi fish sculpture, its unmistakable beauty will light up the room. Interested buyers can expand their collection of Frogman collectibles by picking up the sculptor’s work from the Marcus Ashley Gallery.