Zorro – BF105


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Dimensions 2 × 5.75 × 4.5 in

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The Marcus Ashley Gallery is the perfect place to feed your curiosity or explore your love for art. You’ll be fascinated and in awe of our collections, which have been carefully curated and mounted for your viewing pleasure. Interested buyers often acquire more than a piece or two for their homes or commercial spaces. Visitors are encouraged to come by even if they simply wish to admire the collections and explore our memorabilia, jewelry, and books section for a lovely keepsake.

Those who love collecting whimsical sculptures will find the Frogman art particularly fun to explore. The sculptor found his true calling in California after a family trip to the sunny state. After bidding adieu to England in 1990, he settled in Venice Beach, where he happily crafts his beloved creations.

Give a warm welcome to the daring and spirited Zorro! Don’t let his tiny stature fool you, for he is vigilant and quick on his feet. As he observes his territory, his body remains rigid yet poised. The little frog’s personality matches his energetic tropical-hued patina. Frogman carefully molds the sculpture to capture the fluid movement and energy of the amphibian. Zorro will make an extraordinary addition to a living room or home office.