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The Marcus Ashley Gallery is located in picturesque Lake Tahoe, overlooking the Sierra Nevada mountains. Experience the beauty of art in our massive and breathtaking exhibition space. Visitors will be drawn to the collections on display, including Frogman art by Tim Cotterill. Known fondly to peers and fans as Frogman, the sculptor reanimates critters of the wild. Indulge your senses in Frogman’s world, where majestic owls, graceful koi fish, energetic geckos, and vivacious frogs reside.

In Water Lily, a frog remains transfixed by a golden ladybug perched on a bloom. He reaches up in wonder for the spotted insect, enamored by its beauty. Frogman positions the little frog on a lily pad with two tadpoles on its underside. As a dynamic sculpture, the scene unfolds beautifully from different angles. Saturated summer tones fill the piece with life and a soothing aesthetic. The sculptor molds the incredible piece with artistic finesse and meticulous attention to detail. Drawing inspiration from the world around him, Frogman delivers his sculptures with a true-to-life finish.

Whether you place it on a corner table or work desk, Water Lily will permeate a room with charm and wonder. The gallery is happy to walk you through Frogman’s work should you want to acquire more pieces.