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Dimensions 10.25 × 21 × 12.25 in

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The Marcus Ashley Gallery works with an eclectic and diverse pool of artists who create works in a wide range of styles. We display their art with pride at our 4400 sq. ft. exhibition space in Lake Tahoe. The Frogman art is an integral part of our treasure trove of collections. The sculptor Tim Cotterill popularly known as Frogman, is highly regarded in the art community for his animal-inspired sculptures that take on a life of their own. Jewel-toned colors, life-like scenes, and clean craftsmanship are the highlights of Frogman’s work.

Frogman surprises fans with a new character from the wild in Turtle Creek. Two inquisitive frogs sit atop a twisted vine watching a little turtle play with unfurled tendrils. Tropical tones of deep orange and green, with hints of gold, work in harmony to highlight Frogman’s subjects. The sculptor introduces the turtle to the frogs’ territory, undoubtedly creating a buzz! Turtle Creek is crafted with a mix of intriguing textures that lend a lovely tactile finish to the piece.

The sweet reptilian subject of Turtle Creek adds an exciting twist to Frogman’s growing amphibian collection, bringing audiences closer to nature’s inhabitants. Place Turtle Creek on any surface to imbue a room with character and charm.