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Dimensions 17.75 × 14.75 × 5.75 in

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The Marcus Ashley Gallery holds a generous 4400 sq. ft. of space, maintained with stringent care and attention by its trusty team. Visitors will find much to explore in the roomy viewing areas and along the well-lit walkways. The gallery’s patrons are delighted to showcase Frogman art as part of the gallery’s sculptural collections. The sculptor sketches, molds, and casts his animal-inspired pieces with immaculate precision and flawless execution. By relying on the Lost Wax casting method, a tedious yet rewarding process, Tim “Frogman” Cotterill perfects the details of every sculpture.

In Treasure Hunt, an inquisitive turquoise blue frog chances upon an ethereal butterfly perched on a leaf. The little frog is transfixed by the winged creature’s undoubtedly mesmerizing colors and delicate nature. Frogman enjoys positioning his subjects as if frozen in time, conveying an unmistakable authenticity and raw beauty. Collectors will be blown away by the intricate details and clean lines of Treasure Hunt.

Frogman often recreates the frogs he spots in his garden in Venice Beach, California, a breathtaking location he’s called home since leaving England in 1990. His love for animals emerges in a way that makes one deeply appreciate his whimsical and imaginative artistic style. Avid collectors and frog lovers will agree that Treasure Hunt is a worthy piece of art to acquire.