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Lake Tahoe is the perfect vacation spot for adventure seekers, outdoor fanatics, and nature enthusiasts. There are plenty of activities to keep vacationers and locals busy, from windsurfing and snorkeling to kayaking and snowboarding. The region is also a lovely getaway for those wanting to unwind and recuperate in the lap of nature. You’ll find a mix of local and luxury delights, but none as grand as the Marcus Ashley Gallery.

As you peruse the gallery’s spectacular collections, you’ll find the Frogman art exhibits by Tim Cotterill. Inspired by the frogs he observed and played with as a child or those he spotted during his travels around the world, the sculptor’s sculptures are remarkable recreations of nature’s finest creatures.

Bright and whimsical, Tortola has the pearlescent spirit of balmy island days. As part of the sculptor’s Islander series, the frog is a must-have pick for budding and seasoned collectors. For Tortola, he opts for a deep tropical red patina that makes the little amphibian’s slender features pop. Named after the lovely island in the Caribbean, the energetic frog moves stealthily across a surface, stretching its limbs to easily spring forward. Collect the rest of the Islanders as they create a shimmering Frogman rainbow!