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Dimensions 6.25 × 5 × 3 in

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A visit to the Marcus Ashley Gallery will leave you feeling awed at art’s beauty and thought-provoking themes. The art consultants, knowledgeable staff, and expert framers at the gallery share a mutual appreciation and love for all things art. Visitors can look forward to having insightful conversations and a wholesome experience. Fans will be happy to know that the gallery also curates a treasure trove of Frogman art. From his earliest works to recent releases, the showroom is a one-stop destination to view and buy the highly acclaimed sculptor’s pieces.

Tim “Frogman” Cotterill’s limited-edition release portrays a frog lost deep in thought, much like when our minds wander. Under Frogman’s skillful hands, Toady comes alive with astonishingly life-like results. Frogman chooses a subdued mottled tan patina that lends a camouflage effect to the toad’s form. The sculptor expertly captures the amphibian’s soulful eyes and quizzical expression as he looks up in wonder. Perhaps something intriguing has caught his eye. Or he’s just confused about what to do next. Either way, you’ll be drawn to his expressive features and palpable energy.

Toady serves as the perfect accent in a room with an art nouveau, minimalist, whimsical, or contemporary aesthetic. If needed, collectors can freely contact us to inquire about this piece and other works by Frogman.