Tea Garden – BF198


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Dimensions 3 × 2 × 2.75 in

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The patrons of the Marcus Ashley Gallery are proud to be part of a world where culture, history, and tradition come alive in vibrant art forms. You’ll find that the gallery is the perfect place to indulge in meaningful conversations about art’s nature, purpose, and influence. Come and explore the marvelous collections on display, including Frogman art by Tim Cotterill. The renowned sculptor transforms metal into the most stunning works of art. Watch how nature’s little inhabitants spring to life through his extraordinary sculptures.

Tea Garden is a complementary sculpture of a meeting spot for Frogman’s beloved frogs: Pekoe, Jasmine, and Chai. After a day of tirelessly chasing insects for grub and evading predators, the frogs come together to enjoy some downtime. Frogman molds a cluster of mushrooms on a little patch of grass. A trio of ladybugs sits pretty on the mushroom heads, enjoying a day in the sun.

The image of Frogman’s classic amphibians huddled around the mushrooms, observing the ladybugs in silence, will give you a deep sense of contentment and joy. Interested buyers can reach out to the gallery on how to acquire Pekoe, Jasmine, and Chai to complete the Tea Garden ensemble.