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Dimensions 1 × 8 × 6.5 in

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The patrons and staff of the Marcus Ashley Gallery strive to maintain their reputation as Lake Tahoe’s most trusted custodians of the art world. Artists, designers, and corporations worldwide hold the gallery in the highest regard. From offering unrivaled customer service and an unmatched buying experience, the gallery is a remarkable place to be associated with.

Visitors will feel welcomed and at home once they walk through the gallery’s doors. With its contemporary interiors and a charming rustic vibe, the exhibition space is as breathtaking as the location it is in. While you’re here, do check out the Frogman art collection by Tim Cotterill.

Tag the friendly frog leans forward on its long slender legs, closely inspecting a bright red ladybug. His fascination for the tiny creature is evident in the tilt of his head, and the intense black eyes taking in every detail of the little bug. Tag features a mesmerizing citrus and aquamarine patina, polished to perfection by Frogman to give off a lovely sheen. He’s a playful, vivid frog that will effortlessly break the monotonous aesthetic of a room. The sculptor adds another energetic piece to his collection that fans will adore at first sight. Whether you give Tag to someone special or take him home, he’s an ideal pick for interested buyers.