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Dimensions 3.5 × 3 × 2.25 in

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Tourists, nature enthusiasts, and locals equally enjoy exploring Lake Tahoe’s natural hideaways, eclectic stores, and fun eateries. After a day of exploring the chic and quaint shops and pubs of Heavenly Village, visitors can head over to the Marcus Ashley Gallery. Spread across a generous 4400 sq. ft. of space, the gallery is often mistaken for a museum. The patrons mount the collections strategically apart to allow each artist’s work to shine in roomy, comfortable viewing areas. While browsing through the works on display, you’ll find the delightful Frogman art collection.

Tim “Frogman” Cotterill is one of the gallery’s long-standing artists. His realistic and vibrant animal-inspired work will make you stop and stare in wonder. Watch koi fish, birds, geckos, and frogs exhibit a life of their own through the sculptor’s work.

In Sunbather, a carefree frog lies on its belly with its hind legs stretched upwards. With its fiery orange and yellow patina and crackled finish, the sculpture is an absolute stunner. Frogman portrays the frog’s vivacious personality through its amusing pose and infectious energy. Gentle curves, lines, and dips make this piece a delight to view. Sunbather undoubtedly stands out from the sculptor’s collection, making it a fantastic piece to bring into one’s home.