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Dimensions 8 × 4.75 × 3 in

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California is a buzzing art hub where collectors can partake in meaningful discussions, immersive events, and memorable exchanges. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city is where one can find the prestigious Marcus Ashley Gallery. Unlike traditional galleries, the exhibition space maintains an intimate, soothing atmosphere amidst its collections. The staff does not interrupt visitors’ viewing experience until they reach out to them for assistance. The gallery’s patrons take pride in giving visitors a comfortable space to truly appreciate art in all its glory. While you’re here, do have a look at the fascinating Frogman art collection.

In Strata, Frogman introduces us to a sprightly little creature. Having landed perfectly on his black and gold-tipped feet, the frog strikes a balanced pose. One can actually sense the palpability of the sculpture even though his unmoving yet soulful eyes remain alert and as still as his body. Aware of his surroundings, the frog’s movements are deliberate yet quick! Frogman opts for a wonderful ocean-like patina that ebbs and flows across the frog’s trunk. Visual markings create the illusion of texture, drawing attention to the frog’s agile frame.

Every time you lock eyes with the sculpture, you’ll be left smiling at its beauty and innocence. Place Strata in a well-lit spot to enjoy the intricacy of Frogman’s craftsmanship.