Stepping Stone – BF169


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Dimensions 4.5 × 4.25 × 2.5 in

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The Marcus Ashley Gallery has a great display of traditional and contemporary art. Here is where one can imbibe and explore the creative depth of emerging and established artists. The gallery enthusiastically curates exhibits by local, national, and international talent. Visitors can dive into the thought-provoking and emotive themes of the collections that are a pleasure to view at length. The Frogman art, a collection by the down-to-earth Tim Cotterill, is part of its ever-expanding oeuvre of exhibits.

Frogman’s fascination for amphibians comes through in rich detail and color in Stepping Stone. As if taken right from the sculptor’s garden in Venice Beach, the frog springs enthusiastically from a cluster of smooth pebbles. Earthy tones of rich forest green and muddy brown coalesce to create a striking sculpture. Burnished to perfection, Stepping Stone holds a shimmery chromatic finish that sparkles in the light. Fans of the sculptor’s work can position Stepping Stone with other playful pieces by Frogman to complete a growing collection.

The sculpture has been perfected through the Lost Wax casting process, an age-old technique that involves skill and patience. Stepping Stone will look right at home in a garden or potted plant.