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Dimensions 2.25 × 6 × 7.75 in

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Purveyors of the art world, the patrons of the Marcus Ashley Gallery also share a mutual love for the Sierra Nevada region. It’s why they chose to set up the gallery at Lake Tahoe, a stunning location with the Sierra Nevada mountains as the backdrop. Explore the fantastical, emotive, and imaginative world of art at the gallery, where past and present artists showcase their finest work. Visitors will be delighted by the Frogman art on display. The sculptor passionately recreates nature’s inhabitants with life-like detail and precision, making them perfect companions for any space.

Sidekick reveals an unlikely duo of a gecko and frog that appear to be up to untold shenanigans. The jewel-toned patinas of electric purple and moss green create a wild but playful contrast. The gecko holds onto the frog, the two silently plotting their next move.

The strange yet heartwarming alliance reveals the depth and significance of diverse life forms. Through our interactions with people from different walks of life we discover more of ourselves. This lovely sentiment is punctuated beautifully by Frogman through Sidekick, a perfect reminder of the beauty of friendship. Interested collectors can pick up this or other sculptures online or in-person from the gallery.