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Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in

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The Marcus Ashley Gallery honors the shared creativity, imagination, and humanity of  all artists. At the showroom, the patrons cultivate an inclusive atmosphere where emerging, established, and master talent is equally celebrated. While you’re in Lake Tahoe, do come by to explore the iconic Frogman art by Tim Cotterill. As a metalworks virtuoso, the sculptor has grown leaps and bounds over the decades. Come and have a look at his wonderful sculptures that promise to warm your heart.

Frogman is known for recreating the personality and colors of the frogs he chances upon in his garden or the countryside. In Salsa, he introduces to the Frogman family an astute, swift-footed tropical amphibian, looking up with his large beady eyes, perhaps admiring a ladybug or caterpillar perched on a leaf. His patina carries a mesmerizing blend of hues and a speckled finish. The frog’s smooth, glossy skin shimmers with a lifelike brilliance in the light.

Collectors can place the sculpture by a window, inside a potted plant, or on a bedside table to enjoy its beauty and energy. Pair Salsa with other Frogman pieces to create your very own “pond” of his iconic creations.