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10.75" x 37" x 12"


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Lake Tahoe is not just an oasis of unrivaled beauty and tranquility but also the home of the grand Marcus Ashley Gallery. From large-scale paintings and sculptures to glass art, lithographs, and drawings the gallery is a go-to destination for art connoisseurs and appreciators. Complete the look and feel of any space by exploring the showroom’s incredible exhibits, including Frogman art. Indulge in meaningful, engaging conversations with like-minded individuals and learn more about the sculptor’s work right here at the gallery.

Rendezvous is a unique piece by Frogman that incorporates different focal points across its form. A pair of frogs interact like two old friends meeting after a while in the sculpture. A smattering of Frogman’s signature ladybugs parade across the creeper positioned as the perfect accents for this sculpture.

The piece reminds us of special moments spent with those we share strong bonds with. Frogman creates Rendezvous in two striking patinas (a fiery amber and azure blue) for collectors to choose from. The sculptor gives us a dynamic, life-like representation of the frogs as seen through his eyes. Collectors can put together a show-stopping centerpiece with Rendezvous as the showstopper, surrounded by other Frogman masterpieces.