Prince Charming


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Lake Tahoe is a tranquil destination that attracts tourists and Californians year-round. Do explore the region for its rich surplus of breathtaking views, grand mountain vistas, and surreal greenery. After a day of outdoor fun, visitors can stop by the Marcus Ashley Gallery to peruse the noteworthy collections on display. Frogman art is a very popular attraction, and the gallery is proud to curate a sizable range of the sculptor’s work. When he’s not admiring the creatures that thrive in his garden, Frogman crafts animal-themed sculptures from the comfort of his Venice Beach studio.

One look at Prince Charming, and you’re sure to chuckle at his forlorn expression and chunky stature. The sculptor recreates the toad’s wart-like skin with brilliance. He opts for a variegated green patina that lends a realistic touch to the contours and bumps of the toad’s form. As it squats and stares blankly ahead, one cannot help but wonder if a kiss will turn him into a dashing prince!

Frogman introduces a lighthearted narrative to this otherwise perfect recreation of a toad. Interested buyers can introduce Prince Charming to any corner of a room to anchor a soothing or whimsical ambiance.