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Dimensions 3.75 × 2.75 × 1.25 in

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Vacationers and Californians in Lake Tahoe who wish to indulge in viewing and buying art can leisurely do so at the Marcus Ashley Gallery. While the exhibition space boasts an envious view of the Sierra Nevada mountains that bound Lake Tahoe, visitors will experience a different world as they step through the gallery’s doors. The showroom proudly displays Frogman art for all to see. Through the sculptor’s work, visitors get a front-row seat to marvel at nature’s fascinating little creatures. Tim “Frogman” Cotterill aims to create pieces that spark feelings of love, comfort, and happiness in his audience.

In Pekoe, a plump little frog assumes a restful yet watchful position on his oversized webbed feet. One cannot help but notice the frog’s dreamy mottled camouflage patina that undoubtedly helps him hide between shrooms and flowers. Subtle swirls of pink and white create the perfect accent for the frog’s black and gold feet. As Pekoe gazes into the distance, transfixed by perhaps a pretty ladybug or large bloom, his features come alive.

The sculptor is careful to craft the piece with meticulous detail and precision, giving the sculpture a true-to-life finish. Place Pekoe alongside other Frogman sculptures to create your very own family of vibrant, character-rich frogs.